Experiment Z Zombie Survival MOD APK

Key Features!
* Multiplayer online action, play with your friends for FREE!
* Next Gen 3D Graphics
* MASSIVE 3D open world map to explore
* Survive through the day and night!
* Hungry ZOMBIES on the prowl
* Drive different vehicles or take a ride with your friends
* Find all the clothes, gear and weapons to help you survive
Alpha Release V.9
– Fixed bounce/fly bug
– Added basic text chat
– Fixed blood frame glitch
– Added Top 50 leader board for
zombie and player kills
– Added draw distance slider
for slower devices
– Various optimizations
– Various bug fixes
– Now you get 20 zcoins for
every reward video

What’s In The MOD:
ZCoins increases instead of decreasing
Requires Android: 2.3 and Up
Version: 9
Credits: RoyalGamer

Download Link:

Install APK and play.